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U.S. Traffic Deaths Spike Despite Auto Safety Improvements

Experts are puzzled by the results of a recent report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that revealed traffic accident deaths increased sharply in 2015, ending a five-decade trend of declining fatalities. The NHTSA report shows a 7.2 percent increase in traffic fatalities from 2014 to 2015 – the highest single-year increase since […]

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Dog Bites Represent One-Third of Homeowner’s Insurance Claims

It may surprise you to discover that one of the most common homeowner’s insurance claims has little to do with the home, but instead with the pets who live there. Around one-third of homeowners insurance claims are for dog bites. Dog bites can cause serious injuries, both physical and emotional, depending on the dog size, […]

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Textalyzer May Become New Tool for Detecting Distracted Drivers

  Texting while driving is a big problem these days. Any small distraction that takes a driver’s focus away from the road can potentially cause a crash. To address this issue, legislators in New York are attempting to put a new solution to a new problem by equipping police officers with a device called the […]

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New York Rated Best State for Teen Drivers

Whether you are the parent of an adolescent or not, if you drive, walk, cycle, or bike on New York’s roads, then the safety of teen drivers, and driving laws that apply to teens, should be important to you. In fact, teen car accidents are a leading cause of death among our nation’s youth. Teens […]

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Have Fun Playing Pokémon Go Without Getting Hurt

Pokémon Go is the latest smartphone craze to sweep the nation. While some of us have been playing Pokémon games for close to 20 years, others are just discovering the series for the first time. Unlike previous Pokémon games, Pokémon Go requires players to move around real-world locations. Although this is exciting, it also opens […]

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Amusement Park Liability: Was Disney Responsible for Recent Alligator Attack?

Disney alligator attack

When we plan vacations with our children to amusement parks in New York or other parts of the country, most of us do not expect a serious accident. However, accidents can happen at any time and in almost any location. Who is responsible if your child gets hurt at a resort or at an amusement […]

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New Safety Features on Semi Trucks Could Improve Highway Safety

While many of us appreciate the crucial role the trucking industry plays in delivering the products we use on a daily basis, encountering these big rigs while on the road puts many drivers on the defensive. Being sandwiched between two trucks or having one come up alongside or behind you can cause many of us […]

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How Much Is My Dog Bite Claim Worth?

Our dog bite lawyers in Binghamton, NY discuss how much your dog bite claim could be worth.

More than 4.5 million people in the United States are bitten by dogs every year, according to statistics provided by the American Veterinary Medical Association. These attacks can range from mild to deadly and should all be taken seriously. Because this danger is so prevalent in our country, it is important to acknowledge the threat […]

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IVC Filters May Cause Serious Injuries or Death

Our defective medical device lawyers reports that IVC Filters may cause serious injuries or death.

Defective IVC filters, or inferior vena cava filters, may cause serious injury or death. The filters have been linked to a number of adverse patient events, and some victims – or their loved ones – have taken action by filing an IVC filter lawsuit directly against the filters’ manufacturer. Here is what you need to […]

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Why You Shouldn’t Use a Car Insurance App after an Accident

Our Binghamton car accident lawyers explain why you shouldn't use a car insurance app after an accident.

While many people believe that their automobile insurance company is there to help them in the aftermath of an accident, their true motivation is often to pay out as little as possible. In order to cut costs and to make accident reporting more efficient, many insurers now promote the use of smartphone apps for customers […]

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