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Dog Bite Injury FAQs

Dog Bite Injury

Is there insurance for the payment of dog bite claims?

Yes, almost all homeowner’s insurance covers personal injuries caused by the homeowner’s dog. Factors such as the existence of a leash law, the prior vicious or aggressive propensities of the dog and other circumstances surrounding the dog bite will be necessary to prove in order have your claim paid.

What if the owner of the dog or the person caring for it does not have homeowner’s insurance? Can a landlord and his insurance company be held responsible for the claim?

Yes. In certain circumstances, a landlord who permits a tenant to own a vicious dog and fails to take the proper legal steps to have the dog removed, he and his insurance company may be responsible to pay for the injuries caused.

How do I prove my landlord knew another tenant’s cat or dog was dangerous?

Scott C. Gottlieb will know what information is important. Sometimes, it is enough to show that the landlord had the responsibility to know, whether actual knowledge can be shown or not.

My child’s face will be disfigured from a dog bite, but my friend says that my child provoked her dog to bite. What do I do?

There are many factors involved here. Where did the bite happen? Was it on your property or your friend’s? Who was responsible for watching the child? Had the dog shown prior vicious tendencies? Generally, responsibility rests with the owner of any animal known to be vicious or aggressive. Younger children, especially those under seven years of age, are generally never found to be at fault for provoking the dog.

What am I liable for if my dog bites someone?

In New York State, the owner of a dog is responsible for damages if that dog is known to be vicious and bites someone. However, if a dog is restrained and on the owner’s property, there may be mitigating circumstances.

I was watching a dog for someone and he bit the postman, am I liable?

In some instances, people who only keep or care for a dog will be liable for any dog bites occurring during their care of the dog. The actual owner would more likely be held liable in those instances.

This dog did not bite me but ran in front of me while I was driving. Who is responsible for my damages in the motor vehicle accident?

A dog owner may be held liable for damages caused even by a non-biting dog, particularly in areas where restraint of a dog is legally mandated. Such claims are common involving dogs who chase motorcycles.

What if I have other questions?

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