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Construction Accidents FAQs

Construction Accidents

I was injured at work but I believe that my injuries were caused by someone other than my employer or a co-worker. What can I do?

An injured worker may bring a claim for third party negligence. If your injuries were the fault of someone other than your employer or fellow employee, then you may have a potential claim. Examples of such a claim would be injuries caused by the following:

  • Unsafe scaffolding on commercial projects
  • Defective equipment, including power tools, cranes, derricks, hoists, ladders, conveyors and vehicles
  • Other contractors, subcontractors or their employees
  • Persons or vehicles not involved in the construction project
  • Negligence of a property owner
  • Negligence of an architect

What if I fall from scaffolding, a ladder or other elevation equipment?

In many instances, New York law strictly imposes liability on commercial or municipal property owners when a worker falls during a construction project. Under some circumstances, residential property owners may be held responsible as well.

What if I have been injured on the job and I have questions about a potential third party claim?

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