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Distracted Drivers Costing Insurance Companies Millions

Distracted driving is a problem that is only getting worse – and the issue is starting to cut into the bottom line for insurance companies. According to a recent news report, the nation’s largest auto insurer, State Farm Insurance, experienced a $7 billion underwriting loss last year. There are a number of factors at play, […]

March 23, 2017 Read More

Uber and Honda Face Lawsuit After Crash Leaves Rider Paralyzed After Running Red Light

A woman who suffered catastrophic injuries in a crash is suing both Uber and Honda after an Uber ride ended in tragedy. Sarah Milburn and her friends took a ride with an Uber driver for a night out in November. The Uber driver ran a red light and the vehicle, a Honda Odyssey, was hit […]

January 27, 2017 Read More

U.S. Traffic Deaths Spike Despite Auto Safety Improvements

Experts are puzzled by the results of a recent report from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) that revealed traffic accident deaths increased sharply in 2015, ending a five-decade trend of declining fatalities. The NHTSA report shows a 7.2 percent increase in traffic fatalities from 2014 to 2015 – the highest single-year increase since […]

December 16, 2016 Read More

Textalyzer May Become New Tool for Detecting Distracted Drivers

  Texting while driving is a big problem these days. Any small distraction that takes a driver’s focus away from the road can potentially cause a crash. To address this issue, legislators in New York are attempting to put a new solution to a new problem by equipping police officers with a device called the […]

October 13, 2016 Read More

New York Rated Best State for Teen Drivers

Whether you are the parent of an adolescent or not, if you drive, walk, cycle, or bike on New York’s roads, then the safety of teen drivers, and driving laws that apply to teens, should be important to you. In fact, teen car accidents are a leading cause of death among our nation’s youth. Teens […]

September 26, 2016 Read More

Why You Shouldn’t Use a Car Insurance App after an Accident

Our Binghamton car accident lawyers explain why you shouldn't use a car insurance app after an accident.

While many people believe that their automobile insurance company is there to help them in the aftermath of an accident, their true motivation is often to pay out as little as possible. In order to cut costs and to make accident reporting more efficient, many insurers now promote the use of smartphone apps for customers […]

June 13, 2016 Read More

Do Increased Speed Limits Also Mean Increased Fatalities?

Our Binghamton car accident lawyers look into increased speed limits and if they contribute to increased fatalities.

Car crashes can occur for any number of reasons. While outside influences such as poor road conditions and inclement weather can increase the odds of being in an accident, dangerous and illegal driving behaviors such as talking or texting on cell phones, drinking and driving, and speeding are all commonly acknowledged factors in many cases […]

May 27, 2016 Read More

Parent Liability in Teen Auto Accidents

Our Binghamton car accident lawyers discuss the parent’s liability in auto accidents caused by their teens.

Getting a driver’s license is a big day in a teenager’s life, and a rite of passage that most teens and their families eagerly look forward to. After years of relying on mom and dad to take them where they want to go, a driver’s license is one more step to adulthood and independence for […]

April 11, 2016 Read More

What to Do if You Are the Victim of a Hit and Run Accident

If you have been injured in a hit and run accident, New York auto accident lawyer Scott C Gottlieb is here to help.

A hit-and-run accident can be devastating. In addition to the pain and suffering that come from being involved in a serious accident, you are in the difficult position of lacking the information you need about the negligent driver who caused the crash. Hit-and-run accidents are rising in frequency in New York and across the country. […]

February 17, 2016 Read More

The Dangers Lake Effect Snow Poses for Driving in New York

Driving in New York lake effect snow conditions can be extremely dangerous says Binghamton car accident lawyer Scott C Gottlieb

Driving in the winter is dangerous. In New York, where lake effect snow is a reality, drivers may be at an even higher risk of having an accident. In fact, in 2014, there were 25,510 traffic accidents that involved slippery pavement or driving conditions, according to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. In […]

December 15, 2015 Read More
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