Deadlines to File a Car Insurance Claim in New York

Deadlines to File a Car Accident Insurance Claim in NY

The hours, days and weeks after a car crash are filled with stress and confusion. You likely feel like your whole life has been turned upside down. Understandably, this is not the best time for you to tackle a complex procedure that you’ve likely never dealt with before.

Unfortunately, there is little time to waste after a car accident in New York. If you hope to recover compensation for your losses, you must take quick action – sometimes just days after the crash.

Here’s the good news. You don’t have to deal with meeting all these deadlines by yourself. Get help from Scott C. Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney, as soon as possible after the accident. Scott and his dedicated staff can take care of the deadlines while you focus on what’s really important – your health, your family and your future.

We help car accident victims seek justice – and compensation – through the legal system or through filing an insurance claim against the liable parties.

At Scott C. Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney, we represent people in Binghamton and surrounding areas of New York’s Southern Tier who have been hurt in car accidents that were someone else’s fault. Our firm’s commitment is to provide quality legal services while treating each client with care and respect. We will work together to decide whether it is better to fight a case in court or pursue a settlement in order to obtain the financial recovery that you deserve.

Contact our personal liability lawyer online today or call our Binghamton office at (607) 304-4121 for a free consultation. Our responsibility is to help you in your time of need. We return all calls every day, usually within the hour – even on weekends. We will fight for you!

Why You Should Choose Scott C. Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

Scott C. Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney, has earned a reputation for getting results for people who have been injured in car crashes in Binghamton and elsewhere in New York’s Southern Tier. He is prepared to assist you right now.

Getting our firm involved early could be of great benefit to you in your case. Not only can we make sure no deadlines are missed, but we handle the crucial legal and evidentiary issues, while you focus on your health and recovery. We are proud to have the highest possible rating of AV Preeminent from Martindale-Hubbell, the premier peer review rating service for attorneys. Our achievements are based on our personal commitment and dedication to those we represent.

New York Law Demands Prompt Action After a Car Crash

After a car accident in New York, there are several deadlines imposed by state law that must be met to ensure you can obtain the compensation you deserve for your injuries and property damage to your vehicle.

If you have been injured, you can seek compensation for your medical expenses and lost income through no-fault insurance benefits. In cases of serious injury, additional compensation may be available. But New York auto insurance and personal injury laws are complex, and the deadlines are often confusing. Additionally, you may not understand the full extent of your injuries in time to file the proper paperwork.

Scott C. Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney, helps car accident victims in the Binghamton area and throughout Upstate New York seek compensation for their injuries and other losses after car crashes. Our car accident lawyers can help you determine your best course of action if you have been injured in an accident. We will tell you up front the opportunities for compensation we see for you and the necessary steps to make it happen.

If we believe a legal claim on your behalf is appropriate, and you agree to proceed, we will pursue it with attorneys dedicated to maximizing the compensation you receive.

Below are deadlines imposed by New York state law for seeking compensation after a car accident.                                         

Don’t Miss a Deadline after a Car Accident in New York

New York law requires that you meet very specific deadlines soon after being involved in a collision. Some requirements are clear-cut, but some have conditions that may be confusing.

In general, a car accident victim in New York must act within these time limits:

  • File accident report: 10-day deadline
  • File no-fault claim: 30-day deadline
  • File for lost wages: Multiple deadlines
  • File for New York state disability: 30-day deadline
  • File notice of claim (if applicable): 90-day deadline
  • File claim against other driver: No specific deadline, but you should do so as soon as possible
  • File claims with MVAIC (the Motor Vehicle Accident Indemnification Corporation – responsible for no-fault benefits and additional compensation for a serious injury for those injured by someone without insurance): 90 days
  • File SUM/UM claim (supplementary uninsured motorist / underinsured motorist): As soon as possible
  • File lawsuit: Typically within three years, but it can be shorter under certain circumstances, and a person who was a minor at time of an accident may qualify for an extension.

Let Our Binghamton Car Accident Lawyer Help You Meet All Deadlines

If you or a loved one has been injured in a motor vehicle accident in New York, you may be eligible for compensation for your expenses and other losses, but you must act within mandated time limits. Scott C. Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney, can review the circumstances of your accident in a free, no obligation consultation and help you understand your legal options and obligations.

Call our 24-hour answering service at (607) 304-4121 or submit our online contact form today. Scott C. Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney, can work with you to obtain justice if you or a family member has been seriously injured because of another driver’s negligence or recklessness.



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