Hunting and Firearms Accidents FAQs

1. I was accidentally shot by another hunter. May I bring a claim for my injuries?

If the other hunter was negligent, you are entitled to bring a claim for medical expenses, lost wages and pain and suffering. All hunters are supposed to exercise proper care when discharging their weapons. Firing a gun near a populated area and firing without a clean site of the target and beyond are examples of hunter negligence. Negligence is not limited to the actions of strangers. Negligence often occurs among members of the same hunting party.

2. Are hunters required to carry insurance to pay for personal injuries caused by their negligence?

Unlike motor vehicles, firearm insurance is not mandatory. However, hunters who have homeowners or renters insurance may be covered for injuries negligently caused to another. Hunters may also carry insurance obtained through hunting clubs and organizations.

3. Can a claim be made if I or a member of my family was injured by an accidental shooting in someone’s home?

Yes. Any firearm-related injury which is caused by the negligence of another, whether in the field or in someone’s home, may form the basis of a legal claim.

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Hunting & Firearms Accidents
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