How to Talk to Teens about
Distracted Driving

Most teens think a serious car accident won't happen to them. They believe they can look at their phone for "just a second" to safely type and send a text while driving. It's imperative that somehow, their parents and friends get across the message that distracted driving is incredibly dangerous.

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What should you say to them? How can you be sure you are truly heard? Will your child or friend take it to heart and truly be safe, even when driving alone?

Our guide provides tactics and strategies for parents to talk to their children and teens to talk to their friends about this important topic.


What You Can Do to Protect Your Teen Driver

Every parent becomes anxious when a son or daughter begins driving. There are very real reasons for concern. The statistics about crashes involving teen drivers are terrifying.

Q & A: Talking to Your Teen

How can I get my child to take the discussion seriously, rather than thinking I'm just lecturing?


What You Can Do to Protect Your Friends

It's hard for teens to be away from their phone, even for a few minutes. For some, the temptation of using it while driving is too great. When they do they risk their lives, the lives of friends riding with them, and the lives in every car they pass.

Q & A For Teenagers

How can I talk to my friend about distracted driving without making him or her mad?

For Teenagers:

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Learn tips on how to talk to your
friends about distracted driving

For Parents:

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Learn tips on how to talk to your
teen about distracted driving