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Cancer Misdiagnosis FAQs

Cancer Misdiagnosis

What is a medical prognosis?

A prognosis is an individual prediction of the future course and outcome of a disease. It includes the likelihood of recovery from that disease. This makes it an educated guess as to the outcome of a disease for that individual patient. In a favorable prognosis, the cancer is expected to respond well to treatment; with an unfavorable prognosis, cancer is expected to be difficult to manage or control.

What does failure to diagnose mean?

“Failure to diagnose” is a term that may be misleading. It can mean that a doctor or physician did not diagnose a disease such as cancer. However, it can also mean that a delayed diagnosis caused delay in treatment, thereby increasing the patient’s risk.

What would cause a misdiagnosis of cancer?

A health care professional might fail to understand or realize the importance of a patient’s complaints; fail to order the proper tests and/or improperly read the results of the tests; or fail to refer the patient to a specialist in a timely manner.

I was told my cancer treatment was too aggressive by one technician. How many treatments are there?

Cancer treatment is more often a prescribed regimen of various treatments. Dosage amounts and frequency of radiation or of chemotherapy may vary as they are prescribed for one patient vs. another due to many factors. Consideration is given to the stage of the cancer, the type and location of the cancer as well as the patient’s age and general health.

How do I find experts to help me with my medical malpractice case?

Scott C. Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney, will work with you as well as medical experts to develop your case.

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What if I have other questions?

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