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What’s Your Rush? New York Drivers Urged to Slow Down and Drive the Speed Limit

Published March 15, 2012 by Scott Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

New York’s law enforcement has participated in numerous nationwide campaigns aimed at cracking down on drunk and distracted drivers. As recent as the Super Bowl, we reported on the latest anti-drunk driving campaign. Now, according to a new study, New York should focus on slowing down drivers in the state.

Our NY car accident attorneys urge all drivers in the Binghamton area to slow down and heed posted speed limits. We also encourage all drivers to report dangerous driving behaviors to the police by calling 911. If you witness someone driving erratically or dangerously we urge you to stay alert and pull over, if necessary, to avoid the driver.

In its report, “Survey of the States: Speeding and Aggressive Driving,” the Governors Highway Safety Association (GHSA) reports speeding is a factor in over one third of traffic deaths every year. The organization reports that since 2000 alcohol-related crashes have dropped close to three percent and seat belt non-use fatalities dropped over 23 percent. But, speeding is the “one highway safety area where progress has not been made in almost three decades.”

According to the 2010 New York State Speed-Related Accidents report, 18,910 people were injured in speed-related automobile accidents, and 318 died. Accidents caused by speeding drivers in NY accounted for 26 percent of the total number of fatal accidents in the state (1,192), which is slightly lower than the 31 percent reported by the GHSA. However, that is still far too many accidents by speeding drivers.

“We need to bring the same level of federal and state energy to addressing speed that was brought to tackling seat belt use and drunk driving. More than 10,000 families are losing a loved one every year because of speeding-related crashes. It is time for action,” said GHSA Chairman Troy E. Costales.

The report cites driver indifference to speeding and the perception that speeding tickets are simply another means for jurisdictions to raise revenue, as the primary obstacles for states’ ability to crackdown on speeders. A report in “The Police Chief” magazine in 2006, also found that regardless of the posted speed limit drivers on their regular routes will drive a speed “they feel comfortable with.”

The GHSA offered suggestions to states for enforcing speed limits:

  • Explore addressing speed concerns through aggressive driving enforcement, since the public believes that aggressive driving is a more serious threat to safety.
  • Target speed enforcement in school and work zones, as this approach has a higher degree of public support and is largely viewed as non-controversial.

The GHSA also suggests the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration sponsor speeding and aggressive driving campaigns; promote best practices in automated enforcement strategies; and sponsor a forum on speeding and aggressive driving by bringing together experts in the field.

Our New York car accident attorneys encourage all residents and visitors to our state to drive safely and defensively while on our highways. We also ask that you follow the posted speed limits. They are set for a reason, and when followed, have been shown to save lives.

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