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Traveling Safely Despite Holiday Dangers

Published December 18, 2012 by Scott Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

While dangers await travelers at any time of the year, the holidays are known to be particularly dangerous. Due to an exponentially increased number of people on our roads, people having more pressing engagements, and the increasingly dangerous conditions of roads during the winter or holiday time, the number of serious accidents which cause harm and damage to people and their vehicles tend to increase significantly at this time of year.

Despite these increased dangers, it is nearly impossible to avoid traveling on the road during the holidays; people need to get to work, their homes, stores, and many other places. So what are people supposed to do to protect themselves from being involved in an accident during the holidays? While there is no way to entirely prevent an accident, there are certain tips and factors you can take into consideration that may decrease the likelihood of you being involved in an accident. Some of these helpful tips include:

  • Driving more slowly – Road conditions tend to worsen during the holidays, especially if you live in an area where snow and ice on the road are common. As such, slowing down while driving can help you maintain control over your vehicle, preventing accidents.
  • Allowing yourself more time to get to your destinations – By providing yourself with some cushion room, you won’t have to feel stressed and anxious, which typically causes people to drive more recklessly. As there are more drivers on the road, the safer you can drive, the more likely it is that you will be able to avoid an accident.
  • Avoid driving during more dangerous times – Periods of heavy traffic and driving late at night can pose more dangers to drivers. Especially if you can avoid it, you should try to stay off the road when there are more likely to be intoxicated drivers on the road as, according to the CDC, about one-third of accidents are caused by inebriated drivers. During the holidays, the number of drunk drivers on the road tends to spike, making this an even greater danger.

Although you cannot entirely prevent accidents from occurring, by taking these and other steps, you may be able to better protect you and your loved ones during the holidays. For more information about staying safe during the holidays, speak with a knowledgeable personal injury attorney.

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