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New Technology Offers New York Police Tools for More Accurate Accident Reconstruction

Published May 3, 2012 by Scott Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

In many of our articles regarding New York car accidents, including this fatal car accident that claimed the lives of four people, we mention that police are continuing to investigate the accident. Investigations into the cause and fault of traffic accidents is critical for ensuring those responsible for an accident are held accountable and that victims are eligible to receive any compensation they deserve.

A traffic accident investigation can be a long, tedious process, and it is subject to human error. Evidence can easily be overlooked, leaving police and insurance companies unclear of the results. However, the Syracuse law enforcement has invested in high-tech equipment that can speed up the investigation and produce accurate results.

According to an article in the Syracuse Times, the “Total Work Station” offers accident reconstructionists the ability to take precise measurements, including distance and angles, and store all the information electronically. The police can then reconstruct the scene through computer animation graphics showing all obstacles including cars, houses and signs, with the program able to adjust the cars speeds as directed.

Syracuse Police Officer Lonnie Dotson, a crash investigator, said that using a total station is much quicker than before when he had to use a measuring tape and hand draw accident scenes. Whereas before, lanes were closed for hours while police conducted the investigation, delays are now significantly shorter.

“The accuracy is unsurpassed, almost to a fault,” said Adrian Grenier, a former New York State trooper who now teaches a Crime Scene Investigation class at SU.

The machines, however, are costly and not all jurisdictions can afford them. The Syracuse police owns three of the stations and takes them to accident scenes of fatal crashes, vehicular homicide cases and crashes with serious physical injury or substantial damage.

Our Binghamton car accident attorneys understand the precision required when reconstructing serious automobile accidents, and we applaud Syracuse leaders for investing in this important equipment. It is critical that accident scene investigations are accurate and timely.

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