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Starbucks Sued By Family of Man Who Died Protecting Tip Jar

Published April 21, 2011 by Scott Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

The family of a Missouri man who died following a scuffle with a man trying to steal the tip jar from a Crestwood Starbucks has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the coffee giant, reports CBS.

The patron followed the 19-year-old thief out of the store when he grabbed the tip jar from the counter. After a physical altercation, the older man was knocked to the ground where he was hit by the car as the thief escaped. The Missouri man later died from head injuries he suffered in the incident.

The lawsuit alleges Starbucks invited criminal activity by leaving tip jars near customers and by “not employing security to prevent the perpetration of such crimes.” The 19-year-old is not named in the lawsuit.

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