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Sports Injuries

Published May 17, 2007 by Scott Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

Each spring and summer, we receive many inquiries regarding injuries that occurred while playing sports. Most of these inquiries are from parents whose children have been injured during an in-school or after-school sporting activity. For the most part, most sports injuries are not actionable. In other words, playing a sport inherently has certain risks of physical harm. This means that the participant assumes the risk of getting hurt during normal play. For example, a child who breaks his ankle sliding into home plate will most likely not have a claim against the school, park or any members of the team. There may be exceptions where the injury results from a dangerous condition on the playing field or if the person in charge creates a dangerous situation that is outside the scope of normal sports activity. Each case is different, but a person cannot bring a successful legal action merely because he/she gets hurt playing sports at school, on a ball field or at a social event.

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