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Repeat New York Drunk Drivers Will Have “Truly Permanent License Revocation” Under New Regulations

Published September 28, 2012 by Scott Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

Dismayed over the tragic statistics around New York drunk driving accidents, Governor Andrew Cuomo announced last week he is targeting repeat drunk drivers. In fact, he is about to give New York “among the toughest protections in the nation against drivers who persistently drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs.”

According to the press release announcing the new initiative, more than 50,000 New York drivers with valid or suspended licenses have three or more alcohol-related convictions in their lifetimes, and 15,000 of those drivers had three or more alcohol-related convictions in the last 20 years.

“We are saying ‘enough is enough’ to those who have chronically abused their driving privileges and threatened the safety of other drivers, passengers and pedestrians,” Governor Cuomo said. “This comprehensive effort will make New York safer, by keeping these drivers off our roadways.”

The initiative includes the following new guidelines:

  • Lifetime record review by DMV.
  • Truly permanent license revocation for persistently drunk and dangerous drivers (after five or more alcohol or drug related driving convictions in his or her lifetime).
  • Delayed re-licensing, driving restrictions and interlocks for other drivers with repeated alcohol- or drug-related driving convictions.
  • End the reduction of mandatory suspension or revocation periods.

New York’s most current crash data show in 2010 there were 8,613 alcohol-related vehicle accidents. 327 of those accidents were fatal and 4,445 resulted in serious injuries. These drivers are not just injuring themselves – nearly 60 percent of the accidents involved another vehicle. These accidents affected the lives of over 16,000 vehicle occupants.

As a result of the new DMV regulations, according to the press release, an estimated 20,000 drivers will have their licenses permanently revoked or delayed this year.

Our Binghamton car accident attorneys applaud the governor for imposing these strict penalties and for helping to keep everyone safer on our highways.

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