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New York State DOT Observes Work Zone Safety Awareness Week Through April 8

Published April 7, 2011 by Scott Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

The New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) is encouraging drivers to be on heightened awareness in highway construction and maintenance zones on its highways in recognition of the National Work Zone Awareness Week campaign. The theme this year is: “Safer driving. Safer Work Zones. For everyone.”

New York motorists should take heed of the information that is being offered during this week to keep their cities and communities safe all year round. Residents of cities with potential construction areas, including Binghamton, should be particularly vigilant due to an increase in the potential highway distractions. Not only do we urge drivers to stay alert to the construction activity, but they should also stay alert to the other drivers. Inattentive or distracted drivers become hazards in the presence of slowing traffic, shifting lanes or roadway obstacles and can cause rear-end collisions, the most frequent type of accidents in work zones.

NYSDOT Commissioner Joan McDonald said, “In commemorating National Work Zone Awareness Week we hope to raise awareness about the importance of caution in work zones in hopes that all those on our roadways will be able to return home to their families safe and sound at the end of each day.”

Statistically, work zone accidents and fatalities dropped nationally from 720 in 2008 to 667 in 2009. Last year, NY State had 497 accidents in road construction and maintenance zones with 202 injuries and 15 fatalities. In both 2008 and 2009, a NYSDOT employee working at a construction zone died after being struck while on the job.

In an effort to prevent automobile accidents and fatalities, the NYSDOT continues to implement new safety measures and best practices to improve safety on the highways and to raise the public’s awareness of the dangers in these work zones. NYSDOT had put in place practices such as performing highway work at off-peak hours during reduced traffic periods and posting reduced speed limit signs in work zones. Drivers may see highly reflective sheeting on orange work zone signs and rumble strips on the roads approaching work zones to help alert them to dangers ahead.

While NYSDOT is doing its part to help drivers stay alert, fines on roadways are doubled for speeding in a work zone. In accordance with the Work Zone Safety Act of 2005, convictions of two or more speeding violations in a work zone could result in the suspension of an individual’s driver’s license.

Besides being alert to upcoming work zone lane changes, speed limit reductions, and flag-controlled areas in roadway construction zones, the NYSDOT offers some tips for avoiding automobile accidents in these areas:

  • Leave two seconds of braking distance between your car and the car in front of you;
  • Maintain a safe distance between your vehicle and the traffic barriers, cones and signs;
  • Merge as soon as possible where lane closures are indicated ahead; and,
  • Stay abreast of construction zone schedules and take detours to avoid those areas.

The accident attorneys at Scott C. Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney, recognize the importance of NYSDOT bringing highway construction safety awareness to all people traveling New York’s roads and highways during this week. We also encourage drivers to remain alert and cautionary at all times.

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