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New York Injury Lawyer Urges Hunters to Be Safe as Popular Game Seasons Start

Published October 18, 2011 by Scott Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

The shorter, cooler days of October mark the beginning of two seasons: In addition to autumn, they also signal that thousands of New York hunters will be headed into the woods as hunting season opens this month for many types of popular game.

Unfortunately, more than game animals can fall victim to firearms and bows during hunting season in upstate New York — sometimes people also suffer serious injuries in hunting accidents, warns Binghamton personal injury attorney Scott C. Gottlieb.

“The sport of hunting is an age-old American tradition, and it is usually one of the safer outdoor sports. However, if hunters are not careful with their weapons, serious hunting accidents can happen right here in central and western New York,” said Gottlieb, whose Binghamton personal injury law firm – Scott C. Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney – represents victims of hunting accidents throughout Broome County and surrounding areas.

Gottlieb urged hunters to enjoy their sport responsibly and to follow all safety rules, including watching out for other hunters in their parties and bystanders who might be in the vicinity of hunting grounds.

Bowhunting season for deer opens Oct. 15 across southern New York, and regular deer season opens Oct. 22 in the northern zones. Turkey, bear, grouse and pheasant also become fair game in several parts of the state during October.

With so many hunters taking to the woods and fields for the first time this season, there is a serious risk of severe injury or death if hunters don’t take the necessary precautions with their weapons, Gottlieb said. Often, other hunters fall victim to New York hunting accidents, but non-hunters can also get hurt if they happen to be near a careless hunter.

According to Gottlieb, common causes of Binghamton-area New York hunting accidents include:

  • Shooting into the woods or other area without a clear target;
  • Shooting across a road or near buildings or other populated areas;
  • Removing a weapon from a vehicle or placing it inside;
  • Not engaging a firearm’s safety; and
  • Walking, running or climbing with a loaded gun.

Gottlieb said it’s important to remember that in many instances insurance is available to help compensate for injuries if a tragic hunting accident occurs. Some hunters carry insurance that specifically covers hunting accidents. Even if they don’t have hunting insurance, a regular homeowners’ insurance policy will frequently provide compensation for a hunter’s negligent act, the New York accident attorney says.

“If a hunter’s carelessness results in a serious personal injury or wrongful death, a qualified New York hunting and firearms accident lawyer may be able to help the victim recover compensation from the at-fault party’s insurance company,” Gottlieb said.

He urged victims to report any hunting accident to the police and the Department of Environmental Conservation, which is required in some locales.

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