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National Safety Council Predictions for Holiday Automobile Accident Fatalities

Published December 22, 2011 by Scott Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

The National Safety Council (NSC) this year predicts that approximately 290 traffic fatalities will occur nationwide over the 3.5 -day Christmas holiday period beginning at 6:00 pm Friday Dec. 23.

While the council makes no predictions around numbers of travelers driving or how many more miles may be traveled, their predictions for this year show no greater fatalities than any other holiday period during the year.

Binghamton drivers are encouraged to allow plenty of time to travel to their destinations to avoid hurried driving. Our NY car accident attorneys ask drivers to obey all traffic laws. Avoid texting or talking on cell phones, and do not get behind the wheel if you’ve been drinking.

Stepped up law enforcement will be patrolling NY highways to deter drivers from endangering other drivers and their passengers on the roads. The added possibility of light snow in the area will result in an even greater potential for dangerous highways.

The NSC warns drivers and passengers to wear seat belts while traveling. They report that less than 43% of car and light truck occupants buckle up. Studies indicate that seat belts are 45% effective in saving lives of car passengers in accidents and even higher at 50% effective for light passenger truck occupants.

The council estimates that over 100 vehicle car and light truck travelers could be saved by wearing a seat belt during the Christmas travel period.

The weekend after Christmas is the New Year’s Eve holiday travel period. The Council predicts approximately 300 traffic fatalities with as many as 29,700 who will be injured enough to require medical care.

Our NY injury law attorneys wish all travelers a Happy Holiday, and ask that everyone on the highways in Binghamton, and throughout NY, take extra care to reach their destinations safely.

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