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Family Awarded $4.75 Million for Injury Sustained While on a Church-Organized Trip

Published October 5, 2010 by Scott Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

Idlewild Baptist Church of Tampa, Florida was ordered to pay $4.75 million to a boy and his mother after being found responsible for an accident that injured the 14-year-old while on a church-organized ski trip in 2003. The teenager suffered fractures to his spine resulting in nerve damage to his left leg, atrophied muscles and a permanent limp.

The boy’s mother was assured that her son, who had never skied before, would receive instruction prior to skiing. However, once at the ski resort, the church did not require instruction and the boy became disoriented and skied down an advanced slope. He crashed into another skier at close to 55 miles per hour.

After a seven-day trial, the jury awarded $5 million to the plaintiff and his mother finding the church 95 percent responsible, and the family responsible for the remaining 5 percent. The church must pay $4.75 million of the award amount.

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