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Dog Bites

Published May 18, 2007 by Scott Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

Dog bites in many states are governed by statutes that hold dog owners liable in many cases. However, there are no such dog-bite statutes in New York state law. There are leash and restraint laws on the local level, which may differ from city to city. In New York, any owner, keeper or landlord may be held liable if proper steps are not taken to prevent injuries caused by a vicious dog. This makes them accountable for injuries sustained if the dog was not properly secured on their premises or on a leash.

Thousands of innocent people every year are bitten, seriously injured or killed due to dog-bite injuries or animal attacks. Each year there are more than 850,000 dog bites requiring medical attention and more than 4 million dog bites ranging from minor injuries to serious dog maulings.

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