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Daimler Technology Provides 6D Vision for Cars To Detect and Respond to Movement

Published November 17, 2011 by Scott Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

The Daimler automotive company is developing new technology for its cars that will respond to hazards faster than a human can recognize the danger. Cars equipped with the technology, called 6D Vision, will be able to sense the location and speed of nearby pedestrians, cyclists, cars, and other moving objects.

If the 6D Vision technology determines that contact is imminent, it will force the car to either swerve away from the danger or will engage the brakes to stop the car.

Our NY car accident attorneys applaud Daimler and all car manufacturers who continue to improve safety on our highways by adding features that help even the safest and most alert drivers who may not recognize an upcoming hazard.

Drivers in Binghamton should stay aware of improving technologies so they may select a vehicle that meets their needs and provides added safety features. says the “eye” monitors the area for nearby objects and can sense a sudden change in direction or speed. Most sensor technologies can only determine objects that are moving, while 6D vision tracks all objects.

6D Vision improves safety most where pedestrians or oncoming cyclists may not be visible between parked cars on busy streets or in school zones.

The name 6D comes from the way it senses objects or, as Daimler puts it, “three dimensions plus motion in an additional three dimensions.” The stereo cameras attached to the inside windshield of the vehicle acts much like the human eye. With multiple camera eyes, different angles are produced and a Daimler-created algorithm can use this information to triangulate distance and speed. A fixed, single camera cannot produce such accurate results.

Daimler specifically designed the technology for Germany where half of all urban traffic deaths in 2010 were pedestrians and cyclists.

The technology is currently still being tested, but their YouTube video shows how the cameras work in theory.

Binghamton drivers should be aware that these advanced technologies should not take the place of good driving behaviors. The Daimler technology actually improves upon driver reaction time and can identify dangers even before a typical, focused driver would.

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