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Cell Phone Use and Distracted Driving Campaign Created by the National Safety Council

Published September 13, 2011 by Scott Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

The National Safety Council (NSC)’s new anti-cell phone use and distracted driving campaign “Understanding Distracted Driving” is the organization’s latest effort to stop drivers from driving behaviors that lead to car accidents that result in serious injuries and fatalities.

Data shows that sixteen percent of all car accident fatalities are the result of distracted driving. Also, one in five of those accidents involves the use of a cell phone.

Our New York accident attorneys ask that all drivers in Binghamton watch the videos with their teenagers so they may also understand the message that cell phone use while driving can seriously injure, maim or kill others.

The campaign includes a series of 12 educational, two- to three-minute video clips lead by Senior NSC Director Joe Teater, whose son was killed by a distracted driver in 2004. The question and answer format of the videos includes an explanation around the “cognitive science” when using a cell phone or texting while driving and how driving is impacted by the combination.

Many drivers believe they are capable of multi-tasking, but the brain cannot focus on two activities at once.

Sr. Director Teater is a frequent speaker on the dangers of cell phones and other distracted driving behaviors. He has testified before congress and continues to be a proponent in the fight to make cell phone use while driving illegal in all 50 states.

In 2009, NSC was the first national organization to push for a total ban on cell phone use while driving.

Additional information and educational awareness that educates the public and teens against distracted driving behaviors is available from a brochure created with Consumer Reports and the US Department of Transportation.

The US Department of Transportation (DOT) continues to add content to its series “Faces of Distracted Driving” to personalize the statistics and further extend the message of the dangers.

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