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$23 Million Awarded To Family Affected By Pesticide Spray

Published September 30, 2010 by Scott Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney

According to The Republic, a southern Indiana family has been awarded $23.5 million whose two children have suffered severe neurological problems after pesticides were sprayed in their apartment.

In 1996 the parents sued the Prestwick Square Apartments and its management company after their children started having seizures caused by pesticides sprayed in their apartment in the mid 1990s.

A year after moving into their apartment in February, 1994, both children were hospitalized with seizures and other neurological problems. The family moved out of the apartment in January, 1995.

The daughter, now 20, can do little more than feed herself. The son, now 17, has physical ability, but is academically and socially challenged. Exposure to Creal-O, a chemical based on the pesticide Diazinon, was cited as the cause of the children’s illnesses. The chemical was banned for residential use by the environmental protection agency in 2004.

The parents were awarded $500,000 each. The daughter will receive $16 million and the son will receive $6.5 million.

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