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Have Fun Playing Pokémon Go Without Getting Hurt

Pokémon Go is the latest smartphone craze to sweep the nation. While some of us have been playing Pokémon games for close to 20 years, others are just discovering the series for the first time. Unlike previous Pokémon games, Pokémon Go requires players to move around real-world locations. Although this is exciting, it also opens […]

August 25, 2016 Read More

30 Years After Drinking Age Law Change, New York Sees Decrease in Fatal Car Accidents

Binghamton, NY car accident lawyer Scott C. Gottlieb is here to help you if you have been injured by a drunk driver.

A recent article published in The Daily Orange provides some comforting news about driving in New York. Thirty years after the legal drinking age was raised from 18 to 21, the rate of alcohol-related traffic fatalities in the state is down by 60 percent. According to the article, the number of drunk driving fatalities has […]

February 1, 2016 Read More

The Dangers Lake Effect Snow Poses for Driving in New York

Driving in New York lake effect snow conditions can be extremely dangerous says Binghamton car accident lawyer Scott C Gottlieb

Driving in the winter is dangerous. In New York, where lake effect snow is a reality, drivers may be at an even higher risk of having an accident. In fact, in 2014, there were 25,510 traffic accidents that involved slippery pavement or driving conditions, according to the New York State Department of Motor Vehicles. In […]

December 15, 2015 Read More

Should “Dash Cams” Be Installed on All New Cars?

Our Binghamton car accident lawyers report on the use of dashboard cameras in car accidents.

WCNC recently reported about a reckless and intoxicated driver causing a multi-vehicle collision along a New York State toll road. While reckless driving behavior is far too common in the state of New York, what makes this particular auto accident different is that all the events leading up to collision, as well as the moment of […]

May 21, 2015 Read More

High Cost of Health Care

Outrageous Cost of Health Care – What Exactly Are You Paying For? Patients in the U.S. pay double what people in other developed countries pay for health care, according to an article in the L.A. Times. To add insult to injury, the healthcare billing system is so complicated it can be difficult or impossible to […]

May 7, 2015 Read More

Legal aspects of Uber Ride Service versus Taxis

Our personal injury lawyers in Binghamton, NY discuss the the legal aspects of Uber Ride Service versus Taxis.

Many people have enjoyed using Uber, finding the service to be easier and better than using a taxi company. Uber has run into heavy backlash from taxi drivers and other car services. The Uber service is popular with users as it is often less expensive, and is faster and easier to use as it involves […]

April 19, 2015 Read More

Vets with Traumatic Brain Injuries Turn To Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Therapy

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) can result in a lifetime of therapies and medications, some of which work – and some of which don’t.  In many cases, pinpointing the specific problem and a medical professional’s ability to address it simply never happens.  However, some Colorado veterans who suffer from TBIs have turned to an alternative form […]

April 8, 2014 Read More

Pedestrian Severely Injured in Hit-and-Run Accident in Elmira

The Elmira New York police are investigating a hit-and-run accident that left a pedestrian with serious injuries. Car accidents involving pedestrians often result in death or serious injury – and costly medical bills.  In fact, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), over 4,200 people were killed in pedestrian accidents in 2010 […]

March 24, 2014 Read More

New Study Reveals TBI Patients 3 Times More Likely To Die Young

Scott C. Gottlieb Brain Injury lawyer

Sustaining a traumatic brain injury (TBI) can be devastating.  The issue has made headlines lately, with German Formula One race car driver Michael Schumacher suffering a TBI this winter and the recent $765 million settlement between the National Football League (NFL) and football players over head injuries sustained on the gridiron.  Now, a new study […]

January 22, 2014 Read More

Walking While Impaired is Risky in New York

We all know that drinking and driving is a good way to be injured or killed in a New York car accident. But did you know that drinking while walking can be just as deadly? More than one in three pedestrians who were killed in traffic collisions in 2011 were legally impaired at the time, […]

October 1, 2013 Read More
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