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Binghamton Car Wrecks Create Dangerous Domino Effect

Two auto accidents in Binghamton on October 17 show that even a seemingly minor wreck can trigger unexpected – and potentially deadly – consequences.

One of the crashes occurred on Main and Front Streets in Binghamton, according to news reports. Neither driver was injured. But a bicyclist was hurt and downtown traffic was snarled.

Most significantly: a live power line was downed. It lay openly exposed and surging with electricity until New York State Electric and Gas officials arrived to repair the damage. No injuries from the downed line were reported.

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The second wreck involved two vehicles that crashed head-on on Hawleyton Road. Again, traffic flow was disrupted, according to press accounts. Sheriff’s deputies responded to the scene but had to call emergency personnel with an extraction device to pull one person out of a badly damaged red Grand Am.

No one knows when a car wreck will occur. And no one can predict what the consequences of one might be.

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