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DOT Proposes Shoulder/Lap-Belts in all New Motorcoaches

The U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) is proposing a new requirement for shoulder and lap-belt safety restraints in all new motorcoaches.  The safety restraints could decrease the chances of passenger ejections in accidents involving these buses.   The requirement would become mandatory three years after its passage.

Our New York accident attorneys support a new proposal such as this to reduce the chance of serious injuries or fatalities in the event of an accident.   Recent bus accidents that resulted in fatalities in New York demonstrate the need for these restraints. 

In discussing the proposal, DOT Secretary said, “We’re committed to making sure that motorcoach travelers reach their destinations safely.  Seat belts save lives, and putting them in motorcoaches just makes sense,” said Secretary LaHood.

According to NHTSA data, motorcoaches carry over 700 million passengers annually.  An average of 19 motorcoach occupants are killed each year on U.S. roadways.  Wearing lap-shoulder belts on motorcoaches could reduce the risk for passengers of being killed in a rollover crash by 77 percent. 

This initiative is one step in DOT’s plan to improve motorcoach safety.  Several state roundtables and the 2011 National Motorcoach Safety Summit will engage the broader community in helping to make our highways safer.   The National Summit’s mission is to:

·         Increase awareness of safety and enforcement among industry, law enforcement, consumer groups, and safety advocates.

·         Identify barriers to new policies and develop opportunities for addressing challenges.

·         Develop tools and resources for educating and training for maintenance, operations, and purchasing of motorcoach services.

The law firm of Scott C. Gottlieb, Injury Law Attorney in Binghamton encourages and supports all NHTSA initiatives to increase safety through adding seatbelts to these vehicles.  Passengers of New York motorcoaches should be aware of the dangers of ejection during roll-over crashes in these buses. 

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