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Baby Boomers Enroll in Yellow Dot Safety Program

Eight states have begun implementing the Yellow Dot car safety program that is being embraced by older drivers and first responders.   The program provides immediate information about the drivers to responders recognizing that a yellow dot on the rear window indicates a corresponding folder in the glove compartment containing vital medical information.

The folder contains important information about the driver including a photograph, their medical conditions, prescriptions and other vital information. 

Our vehicle accident attorneys encourage drivers in New York to participate in this program which is in the early stages of implementation in our state.   Drivers in Binghamton should be aware that the first 60 minutes after an accident – called the “golden hour” – is the most critical response period after an accident.   

Alabama was an early adopter of the program with over 30,000 participants currently enrolled.  Eight other states, Kansas, Illinois, Iowa, Minnesota, Massachusetts, Virginia, Alabama and New York, have their own yellow dot programs with slight variations. 

 “It is very nice to see innovative programs to address the unique risks associated with older Americans and car crashes,” says Peter Kissinger, president and CEO of AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. “Since older individuals tend to have more medical conditions, are on more medications and are generally more fragile, this sounds like a well-justified program, especially in light of the growing number of older Americans.”

The injury attorneys at Scott C. Gottlieb, Injury Law encourage all New York drivers to learn more about the yellow dot program and other ways they can help reduce serious injury from vehicle accidents.   Participation in car accident safety programs can help save lives.

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Yellow Dot Safety Program

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