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Distracted Driving Awareness Campaign at Full Throttle

In a campaign to draw attention to the epidemic of distracted driving car accidents, the US Department of Transportation (DOT) has declared April National Distracted Driving Awareness Month to alert the public to the dangers of texting, cell phone usage, and using internet devices while driving.  Last year, nearly 5,500 people were killed and 500,000 more were injured in distracted driving-related crashes.  

State legislation to discourage and ticket drivers for texting and cell phone usage is on the rise.  New York has enacted legislation banning the use of handheld devices as a primary offense and text messaging as a secondary offense for all drivers.  Drivers all over New York, including Binghamton, should do their part in keeping the highways safe by not using these devices while driving and by being alert to other drivers who may be distracted by the technology.

Teens and other inexperienced drivers tend to be the most susceptible to causing car accidents due to distractions.  Educating teens to the dangers of driving while distracted is a key part of the DOTs efforts to spread the word about the statistical significance of injuries and deaths caused by distracted drivers.  A recent study by The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and State Farm Insurance Companies ® revealed that teen drivers are involved in fatal crashes at four times the rate of adults. The findings were published in the journal Accident Analysis and Prevention.

While the national campaign is focused mostly on teenage drivers, the business traveler behind the wheel is increasingly becoming part of a larger demographic of accident-causing distracted drivers.  The mobile office has become more sophisticated with technologies allowing employees to work anywhere by sending emails and attending meetings while behind the wheel.  

Last November, DOT launched a web series entitled The Faces of Distracted Driving, as a means to personalize the statistics with stories of real people who have lost their lives through the carelessness of distracted drivers.  The video series features people from across the country who have been injured or lost loved ones to distracted driving.  New videos are launched every few weeks and are being used in driver education classrooms.

The accident attorneys at Scott C. Gottlieb, Injury Law applaud the efforts of DOT for working to keep America’s and New York’s highways safe and for bringing awareness about the dangers of distracted drivers.   We encourage the residents of New York to heed the cell phone laws which prohibits drivers from talking or texting while driving.

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