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Mother Sues Driver in Deadly Off-Road Desert Race

The Daily Press reports a mother of a spectator killed when an off-road truck crashed into the crowd at a desert race on August 14 near Lucerne Valley, California is suing the driver and the race’s organizer on behalf of her son’s estate and his 3-year-old daughter.  Seven others were killed in the incident.

The driver, traveling at 40-50 mph, drove his 2000 Ford Ranger over a jump called the “rockpile.”  On landing he hit the brakes and rolled sideways into the crowd, killing eight and injuring others.  The 22-year-old son moved his daughter out of the truck’s way before he was hit. There were no barriers to keep the crowd away from the course, but signs in the ground stated people should stay at least 100 feet back from the track.

Claiming the tragedy could have been prevented if the driver and the race’s organizer, Mojave Desert Racing, had taken proper safety measures, the lawsuit alleges the defendants were careless, negligent and reckless, leading to dangerous conditions for spectators.

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