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New Jersey Man Receives $2 Million in Yamaha Snowmobile Accident

The Daily Record reports a Sparta man will receive $2 million from Yamaha following a snowmobile accident.  The judge added $900,000 to the $1.1 million award from the jury.

In February of 2005, when the now 61-year-old man borrowed his friend’s 1995 Yamaha VX600V-R snowmobile, the engine started to hesitate.  While he and another friend lifted the rear of the snowmobile, the owner revved the engine with the throttle in an effort to clear the spark plugs.  The metal track broke and shot out of the rear of the snowmobile and ripped through the victim’s right leg.

Efforts to save the 75 percent severed leg were not successful, and the man’s leg was amputated above the knee a few days after the accident.

In the product liability trial, the jury awarded $1,107,000 for pain and suffering, economic losses, and medical expenses.  The man’s attorney filed a motion for an “additur” with the judge which was granted and raised the award another $900,000.

The jury did not find the snowmobile was defective; rather it found Yamaha liable for failing to put a warning on the vehicle about raising the rear when the engine is running.

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