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Escalator Injury Involving Crocs Leads to Multimillion-Dollar Lawsuit

According to, the father of a 4-year-old girl whose foot was mangled in an escalator because she was wearing the popular shoe by Crocs, Inc. has settled his multimillion-dollar lawsuit against the company.

In 2006, the Colorado-based company began receiving complaints from parents over the rubber shoes and related escalator injuries.  Studies have shown Crocs and their imitators “appear to be prone to entrapment when pressed against the (side) skirt guard of step riser while standing on the yellow line of an escalator.”  Children are at greater risk because their shoes are smaller and thinner.

To the lawsuit was attached a letter by Crocs stating it intended to place warning tags on its shoes by Christmas 2006.  It didn’t.  Since that time there have been hundreds of accidents which may have been avoided had the warning been put on the shoes.

Injuries range from a bloody sock to severed toes.

In July 2009, the girl was riding an escalator in a Belk store with her grandmother when her foot brushed the side of the escalator and the Croc began to soften -it immediately got stuck in the gap.  She had to have surgery for her injuries.

The amount of the settlement has not been released.

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