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Wrongful Death Case Filed in Child’s Death

According to the Southeast Texas Record, parents, whose son died after a missed skull fracture diagnosis, have filed a wrongful death lawsuit against Christus Hospital St. Mary and Dr. Michael Crossley, the attending physician.

On November 15, 2008, the boy fell from the garage apartment where he lived.  His mother rushed him to the hospital where he was treated by Dr. Crossley.  Although the mother requested a CT scan, the doctor chose not to order one and released the boy.  According to the suit, the doctor called her later in the day to inform her that the child may have a skull fracture, but returning to the hospital was unnecessary because nothing could be done.

The next day the child started having seizures and his mother rushed him back to the hospital where she learned he had developed bacterial meningitis from the head injury.

He later died.

The lawsuit claims the delay of treatment caused by the negligence of the defendants caused the boy’s death.

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