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Comcast Sued Over Woman’s Death

WPBF – TV in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, reports a Boynton Beach man has filed a lawsuit against Comcast for his wife’s death last Thanksgiving.

The lawsuit states the 81-year-old woman was setting the holiday table for dinner while her husband went to the airport to pick up their grandchildren.  She dropped a wine glass on her foot which shattered, causing it to bleed profusely.

The woman called for help by dialing “0” on her phone, but the Comcast operator was unable to pinpoint her address to give it to 911 dispatchers.  Comcast was the provider of her home phone service.  She continued to call back and 17 minutes later rescuers arrived.  She was too incapacitated to answer the door because of her loss of blood.  When they did not get an answer, the rescuers left without looking through a window where they could see the woman bleeding on the floor.

When her husband returned home, she was dead from a severed artery in her foot.

The husband plans to also sue the city of Boynton Beach and Palm Beach County.  Comcast originally transferred the emergency call to Boynton Beach, but it was then transferred to Palm Beach County Fire Rescue when it was determined the address was outside the city limits.

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