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$4.6 Million Awarded in Minnesota Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The family of a 36-year-old woman who bled to death after having her first child by caesarean section has been awarded $4.6 million by a Wright County jury, reports the Minneapolis Star-Tribune.

After a long labor, the woman’s obstetrician ordered a caesarean section and she gave birth to a healthy baby boy, but she soon started postpartum hemorrhaging.  Before the C-section was performed, an order to type and screen her blood was made, however it wasn’t done until hours later.  By the time the woman needed blood, the hospital’s resources were too low.

Her doctors were unable to perform surgery to save her life because the hospital, Monticello-Big Lake Community Hospital, failed to supply the blood needed for a transfusion. 

With the hospital’s limited resources, the doctors feared they would be unable to control potential bleeding problems if they performed surgery to remove her uterus that could save her life.  The decision was made to transfer her to another hospital where she arrived in critical condition and died despite efforts to save her life.

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