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Jury Awards $893,684 To Family For Son’s Birth Injury

The Janesville (WI) Gazette reports $893,684 has been awarded to parents of a baby boy who suffered permanent injury to his shoulder during his birth in 2001.

The parents sued Janesville’s Mercy Hospital, Mercy Women’s Health Center, Mercy Clinic West and two doctors, claiming they were negligent in the way they handled the mother’s labor and the birth of her son.

Among other things, the lawsuit alleged the doctors should have advised the parents of the risks of a vaginal delivery and that it could be hazardous to the infant. The lawsuit alleges the doctors did not properly dislodge the baby’s shoulder when got stuck during delivery, causing the nerves to stretch, causing permanent damage. The boy, now 8-years-old, has limited strength, dexterity and motion in his shoulder.

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Birth Injury Verdict

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