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Medical Malpractice Lawsuit Filed In Death of 16-Year Old

According to The Cincinnati Enquirer, the estate of a 16-year-old girl has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against a neurosurgeon who allegedly tried to cover up mistakes he made while performing brain surgery on the girl by interfering with her autopsy.

In 2006, the girl underwent surgery to prevent veins in her brain from knotting – a condition resulting from a birth defect, the newspaper reports. She died nine days later. The girl had previously undergone this procedure several times with no problems.

After her death, her father requested a complete autopsy. It was performed the following day, but it did not include the head or the brain. The neurosurgeon told the family the autopsy did not reveal the reason for the girl’s death and denied knowing that the head and brain were excluded from the autopsy, the newspaper said.

During deposition testimony for a separate lawsuit, a nurse testified the neurosurgeon agreed to a complete autopsy, but after the father left the room, he ordered the autopsy should omit an examination of the brain, the article states.

The lawsuit filed against Dr. Andrew Ringer and the Mayfield Clinic & Spine Institute alleges a complete autopsy would have shown the doctor’s mistakes and that these mistakes contributed to her death. The lawsuit claims the doctor ordered the change “in an attempt to avoid his medical negligence liability and to avoid the possibility of a legal action against him.”

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