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$16 Million Settlement in Texas Tractor-Trailer Wrongful Death Lawsuit

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram reports a $16 million settlement has been reached in the wrongful death lawsuit between the family of a 41-year-old woman and Pioneer Drilling. The woman died in September as a result heavy equipment flying off an 18-wheeler into her car. The equipment was being hauled to a gas-drilling site.

A 24,000-pound counterweight and a 4,000-pound spreader bar fell off the tractor trailer, and the spreader crushed the woman’s car.

Investigators found the equipment was secured by only two chains instead of the four that are required and the driver did not control his speed. Also, the truck driver was a truck driver’s helper and did not meet state and federal safety guidelines to drive an 18-wheeler by alone. In his testimony, the truck driver admitted that he and other Pioneer employees back-dated documents showing that he was qualified to drive a week before the crash.

After this testimony, a recess was called and the case was settled.

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