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$1 Million Awarded In Vermont Medical Malpractice Death

A federal jury awarded almost $1 million to a 79-year-old Vermont resident’s family on May 15, ending a lawsuit filed in 2006 against Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center.

The woman underwent coronary bypass surgery at the medical center in August 2005 and was readmitted two days later because she had difficulty breathing.

After determining the woman was suffering from low blood sugar, health care workers gave her IV doses of glucose after which her hand swelled, felt numb, and turned blue. Eventually she had two of her fingers and part of her hand amputated, after which she developed a serious bacterial infection. She died of a heart attack caused by the infection in November 2005.

The lawsuit alleged several instances of negligence against the medical staff at the medical center, including using the wrong type of IV line, and failing to recognize and properly treat the complications caused when the IV fluid leaked outside her veins.

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