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$1.5 Million Awarded in Wrongful Death Case

The Arizona Daily Star reports two Tucson sisters whose parents were murdered by their grandson in 2005 will receive $1.5 million.

The sisters filed the wrongful death lawsuit against the grandson’s doctor, COPE Community Services, and Community Partnership of Southern Arizona for allowing him to remain in the care of the family instead of putting him in a mental health facility.

The physician settled with the sisters, but COPE and CPSA allowed the charges to go to trial. The jury found those organizations 50 percent responsible for the award amount, the doctor 25 percent responsible, and the grandson 25 percent responsible.

The grandson is serving two concurrent life sentences in the Arizona State Hospital.

Wrongful death cases are always emotional. You should not release anyone from liability without first know all of you legal rights and what redress is available to you and your family. The N.Y. Law Offices of Scott C. Gottlieb and Associates, LLP, with locations in Binghamton, Elmira, Rochester, Syracuse and Watertown, has vast experience in wrongful death lawsuits.

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Wrongful Death Case

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