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West Virginia ER Doctor Sued in Child’s Death

The West Virginia Record reports the mother of a young child has brought a wrongful death suit against the emergency room doctor at Camden-Clark Memorial Hospital and the doctor’s employer, Best Practices, Inc. According to the complaint, the child was brought into the emergency room because she had been “repeatedly throwing up a green substance and was having trouble with bowel movements.” The doctor ran a chest x-ray and a stomach ultrasound, and then discharged the child.

The child continued to have the same symptoms and was taken back to the hospital where another doctor found she had sepsis and a bowel obstruction. She then had to undergo several surgeries and procedures in which they found total intestinal gangrene. Her condition worsened to the point she had to be put on life support. She died four days after her initial visit to the emergency room.

The suit alleges the doctor’s negligence because the symptoms were highly suggestive of a bowel obstruction and he should have made a thorough search for the cause.

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