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Slip & Fall Accidents Due to Poor Lighting

Slip and fall accidents don’t always occur because of slippery or uneven walking surfaces. Often, poor lighting is the cause of the accident. For example, when walking through a restaurant, there may be carpeted steps that are not clearly marked or are poorly lit. In that case, a patron might not be aware of the existence of steps, causing them to fall. More and more restaurant establishments are lighting the steps or marking them clearly with bright tape. Sometimes their failure to do so can result in a claim against the restaurant. We are currently pursuing a case where a restaurant patron came in from the outside on a very sunny day. Before their eyes could adjust to the interior lighting of the restaurant, our client fell down a flight of steps as the hostess led the party to their table. Our case is based on the fact that the steps were not properly lit and that the restaurant hostess did not give our client any warning as they approached the steps.

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