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Any person injured through the use or operation of a motor vehicle is entitled to be paid no fault benefits. These benefits are available to drivers, passengers, pedestrians or anyone else who is using or operating the vehicle. However, the driver or passenger of a motorcycle is NOT entitled to no fault benefits, but may be entitled to compensation if someone else was at fault in causing the accident.
No fault benefits may also be available to be paid even if the vehicle was involved in an accident outside the State of New York. There are strict time limits that apply to the application for no fault benefits as well as the submission of claims for same.

No fault benefits including payment for the following accident-related expenses:

– Lost Wages

– Medical Expenses

– Prescriptions

– Mileage reimbursement for transportation to and from all medical providers

– Reimbursement for private health insurance premiums that are paid by the injured

– Death benefits in the event of a fatality

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